Sunday Currently {21}

This picture was taken last Friday when we were leaving the Soccer field. Haven’t the skylines been amazing lately?
I haven’t started yet, but I have 2 books on my desk right now that I plan to get into this week:
1. Small Steps for Catholic Moms
2. The 7 Experiment (this is a book club / Facebook group that I joined).
I will keep you posted on my progress with both.
In my planner and getting the next 2 months planned out. We are planning to go to MD sometime soon, but with everyone’s schedule it’s becoming a bit harder to do as much as we’d like to.
Three times this week I heard Elvis Presley’s, “I Cant Help Falling in Love With You” and all thee times I was a ball of mush. It’s funny how certain songs can do that to you.
I’m starting to get a handle on some of the home organizing, although I’d like to purge more. It’s highly unlikely that we will be in Blacksburg another year after August 2014, so some of the things we brought that we still haven’t used need to go. I find myself on an occasion getting rid of things but then you come back to the house and the stuff seems to multiply.
The gym….nothing great
The buys would start listening better. It’s at the point where their favorite things are being taken away to make a point and that more often, tortures Tim and I more than them (whining).
That things are going well in our house back in Maryland. We have new renters and we haven’t heard anything regarding move in, etc. I have contacted our property manager and she’s been responsive. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that no news is good news.
Work out clothes….currently I’m on the elliptical at the gym.
Also, the fact that Tim and I were able to get a babysitter last week and make it to a Virginia Tech football game. It’s funny that when we lived in Maryland, we drove here every weekend in the fall for games (club seat season ticket holders). We moved 2 miles from campus thinking we would go every game. Tim goes, but it’s been since the 2010 season that I’ve been to a game….crazy, right?
New clothes….I have a very sad closet right now. This isn’t like me to not do just a little shopping, although Tim is not complaining that I’m not spending money.
To start planning for Thanksgiving. I’m so happy that my parents decided to come down this year and spend the Holiday with us. Last year was the first time (EVER) for both Tim and I where we didn’t spend the Holiday with family.
So much better than I did the last two days. I’ve noticed in the last year that when rain is coming that my back and arms get so sore. Friday and Saturday were pretty brutal for me all day. Once is rains, the pain goes away… I’m just popping Ibuprofren (which I don’t like to do unless I need to) until the rain comes.
Lots of clothing sites…ordering nothing….not that I don’t want to.
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3 thoughts on “Sunday Currently {21}

  1. i need to follow in your footsteps & get some home organizing done! i’ve really let the cleaning/de-cluttering fall to the wayside with the way school has been going this semester. i can’t wait to get back in gear with keeping everything nice.

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