Sunday Currently {20}

I should just start ignoring this one, because my stack of magazines is getting bigger and I’m not getting much time to sit down and read lately. I actually was able to sit and read the September Lucky Magazine with Blake Lively…gosh she is so pretty – want her hair…want her clothes!
Meals and menu planning. I’m getting better at this but working to improve
Coldplay (Atlas). Download it….your welcome!
It’s getting darker way earlier in mid-late September than I ever remember. I don’t hate it..just an observation. It’s also the first day of Fall and if you have never been to Blacksburg, VA, it sure is beautiful this time of year!
Chesapeake Bay Candle Cinnamon Roll candle. I’m ready to take advantage of Bath and Body Works sales and get some of their fall scented candles. I like them so much better than Yankee Candles.
I was better at decorating a home. I’m so terrible. I have typically stuck to basic pieces and neutral colors, but it’s getting pretty boring. Does anyone have a house that looks like a Pinterest house?
The renters we just signed a lease with for our house in MD work out great. It’s such a relief to finally get someone in.
Gap Skinnies, my Steve Madden brown boots and a grey sweater. It was cold enough this morning for this, but has since warmed up outside.
Trader Joes Pumpkin Spice Tea. They sold out quick last year, but I’ve had my mom on top of it and they just stocked in the stores this week. You bet she picked up 4 cans for me!
A new grey crew neck sweater and brown handbag. I will spend way too much time looking for the perfect and most affordable versions
To find some new books for Graham. He’s in kindergarten and reading by himself so well. Major proud mom!
Productive…need to keep this feeling going
On some of my favorite stores online shops (All the Gap Inc. stores & J Crew). I want to get a few new pieces and staple items for fall / winter. Plus everyone seems to be having great sales right now.
Be sure to head over to Lauren’s blog and see what other bloggers are up to this Sunday!

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