Sunday Currently {19}

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Reading – Magazines still, but looking for new recipe inspiration for the family. I’m on a “make everything yourself” kick and buying less and less processed foods. I’ve been getting better about making things homemade instead of popping something frozen into the oven/microwave. My husband and kids are big pizza fans, so I’m looking for a great fresh pizza dough recipe. Anyone have one they’d like to share?

Writing – Lots of lists (To Do, Grocery, Meal Planning)

Listening – Depeche Mode (Policy of Truth) & Coldplay- Atlas. This is in addition to some of the random downloads from this week (Digital Underground (Humpty Dance), The Outfield (Your Love) and Chicago (If you Leave me Now).

Thinking – We made a great decision putting Graham in soccer. He loves it, the league is fantastic and I think it will be some fun, Friday night fun for our family. It was so nice to see so many young families (our age) and some of the kids classmates from school.

Smelling – Chesapeake Bay Candle- Cinnamon Roll. I think I’m pretty much over Yankee Candle’s and have a love for Chesapeake Bay Candles & Bath and Body Works Candles. I feel they burn cleaner and smell awesome!

Wishing – Tim can get though the next 2 weeks and get some adequate sleep. He’s tremendously busy with school and getting little to no sleep. You can guess how fun it is at our house-he’s usually a grump when he’s tired. I’ve been trying to be a good wife (keeping hot water in the tea pot all the time for hot tea and making sure there is something in the fridge that he can heat up quickly when he has time to break).

Hoping – My parents came make the trip here soon. Would love for a long weekend too….that way they can be here for Friday night soccer. I just talked with them a bit ago and they made reservations to come down for Thanksgiving which makes me SO HAPPY!!!!!

Wearing – Lululemon Skinny Will Pants (my favorite) and an Old Navy Long sleeve. It’s a high of 67 and it was 50 degrees this morning.

Loving – That the temperatures were 47 yesterday morning. Fall weather is my favorite

Wanting – To be better about following through. I make plans, sign up for things or commit myself to something and I continually back out. Like the Hokie 5K I signed up to run today…and didn’t go to.

Needing – To try some new recipes for myself. I was thinking of following a vegetarian lifestyle, but after doing some research the last few days and knowing how I’ve been feeling the last few months, I think it may not be the best for me. Being Anemic, and not having enough Iron in my Diet from no meat isn’t really good. Plus, I don’t want to take tons and tons of vitamins and supplements. I’d rather get my vital nutrients from food (good & healthy foods, of course).

Feeling – Happy! I’m ready for the changing of the seasons and the Fall / Winter holidays.

Clicking – On this morning and snagging a Phillip Lim for Target bag.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Currently {19}

    • I think so too. We signed him up when he was 3, but he was not ready. AT ALL! He went to one practice. I also wasn’t a fan of the league. I felt it was really unorganized and it appeared that the 3 year olds were supposed to be playing since the womb.

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