Sunday Currently {18}

What a busy week it is been. School started this past Wednesday (9/4) for both kids and I must say I’m happy to be back into the routine of car lines, drop off’s and getting lunches made.

Reading: Magazines. That seems to be the trend lately, right? Week after week I’m reading the same thing. I’m so behind and I cannot wait for all the fall issues to be coming out. This is my favorite season!

Writing: lists, lists, lists. School started this week and there seems to be something else the kids need.

Listening: music playlists that I made last year when we first got to Blacksburg (Imagine Dragons, Lumineers). Don’t laugh but I was enjoying the soundtracks for
the first two Twilight movies – great music!

Thinking: I need to get out more and be 31…not 61. One of my friends that I have met here in Blacksburg invites me out all the time and I make it out about 50% of the time.

Smelling: gym sweat….gross, I know. I’m at the gym right now so it’s to be expected.

Wishing: Soccer is successful for Graham this year. We signed him up when he was 3 and he was not ready. He did t ball this spring and loved it. He’s 5now so I think soccer will be good.
While we are on the subject, do any of you remember playing organized sports at 3? What’s the push to make our kids grow up so fast?

Hoping: We get our morning routine down to a science this week. I am a perpetual planner and ready for the morning the night before. Those last 20
minutes before getting everyone in the car are insane.

Wearing: Gapfit Gfast leggings, Lululemon cool racerback and Nikes….gym attire.

Loving: that fall lineups are starting soon. I have to admit, I find myself turning into my dad and watching less network tv and more news. Movies
never happen anymore. I have the time for 1/2 hr shows….I can’t sit still and I’m constantly pausing.

Also that Tim took graham to the Virginia Tech vs. Western Carolina football game yesterday and they stayed the entire time. Graham had a blast,
decided he liked being in the club (season club ticket holders) and loved the experience. I’ve been waiting years for them to have something they enjoy doing together.

Wanting: a new brown satchel….something I can use for years-not for just this season.

Needing: some new meal ideas for lunches (kids). I have one kid who will eat anything and all the good things (fruits/veggies) that I give him. My
oldest, is a challenge.

Feeling: awake and alert-ready to start my Sunday.

Clicking: Pinterest a lot for some new recipe inspiration.

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Currently {18}

  1. I also love those Twilight soundtracks! The music is really good. I like New Moon the best. 🙂 I second being ready for the fall premieres to start rolling. I love fall in general, and there’s something exciting about getting back into my favorite shows and discovering new ones.

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