The Old Line State


Born and raised, I hail from Maryland. If you haven’t been or already know, the food, the culture, the history, the sites and the scenery are like no other. We have all 4 seasons (sometimes to the extreme and sometimes average) and we have a mix of coastal towns, mountains, farmland and city living (Baltimore and DC Suburbs).

Both sides of our family are in Maryland, while we are presently living in Virginia. While this situation is only temporary, it’s still unsure if we will go back (and put our house up for sale) or if we will move on somewhere else (wherever husband gets a job teaching at a 4 year University – keeping my fingers crossed for the South 🙂 ).

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2 thoughts on “The Old Line State

  1. I don’t think I ever truly appreciated Maryland while I lived there (the first 14 years of my life), but there are so many things about it that I miss. When my family moved to Virginia, I had no idea it would be so very different… it’s not that far away! But, they really are two very different worlds!

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