Sunday Currently {15}

The beginning of July started off great. The kids were staying at my parents house, back in Maryland for a few weeks, at what we named, Camp Mom Mom and Pop Pop. They had a fantastic time and I’m so glad they were able to spend an extended time with my parents. It was nice for Tim and I as well so we could relax, unwind and enjoy some child free days (which don’t happen anymore since moving to VA). Fast forward to Mid-July when we decided to spend a few days extra helping Tim’s parents out around the house and getting a visit in with them. We also had some work to do in our storage unit (got rid of SO MUCH STUFF). We picked up the kids on a Friday from my parents and drove back to Virginia….that evening, literally an hour after arriving, Tim called his dad to let him know we got back OK. He was at the hospital with Tim’s mother who had suffered a stroke that afternoon and things were not looking good. We didn’t get back in the car that night (although Tim wanted to) but headed back up to Maryland early afternoon Saturday (after picking up mail, paying bills and repacking). We were back in town by 5, Saturday evening and I must say the next 2 days were a whirlwind of emotions. My mother in law is recovering, doing better every single day and is not at a full care rehab. Outlook is good, but there’s a lot of work to be done.

I kept myself together the first day we were home, but the next afternoon, I called my mother and apologized for the frequency of my “attitudes” with her and my father and thanked her for all that she has done and still does for me. I did the same with my dad the next day, breaking into tears on both occasions. Seeing my mother in law, clinging to life, made me realize (not that I didn’t already know) how precious life is and how fortunate and grateful I am to have wonderful family (both my immediate and my family in law).

We finally got back into town this past Wednesday (and planning monthly return trips to MD to visit) and we  are working on getting back into our routines.


This picture was taken on Wednesday on our way back to Virginia. It pretty much defines where we have spent many hours this summer (on I81 VA).

Reading – Nothing at the moment. I was enjoying a book at the beginning of July (Pandora’s Lunchbox) but once the middle of the month rolled around, things got hectic and there never seemed to be any down time.

Writing – Lists, lists and more lists (Back to School Checklists, Grocery Lists, filling out the calendars, etc). So much to do to get everyone ready and back to school.

Listening – to Tiny Toons in the background. The kids have been in rare form since we’ve been back, it’s on again / off again raining and I need (want) them to wind down a bit. I grew up watching this cartoon so it’s nice to have a cute show on now and then.

Thinking – about the coming weeks / months and our soon to be busy schedule. I see a lot of school stuff to do and traveling back and forth to Maryland.

Smelling – my Bath and Body Works Marshmallow candle. It’s the last candle I have in the house and I’m trying to use it up before venturing out for some new ones.

Wishing – our house gets rented soon. This whole process of renting our house out has sure been a lesson and sometimes we are ready to just throw in the towel and put the house up for sale. Taking care of one house is a lot of work….trying to manage two (the one we are renting here and keeping tabs on our house that we own in MD is overwhelming.

Hoping – and praying for my Mother in Law as she recovers.

Wearing – pink cardigan, navy blue polka dot tank and a pair of jeans. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had jeans on and I like it.  I’m definitely a jeans girl.

Loving – that Kate Spade now has planners on Life Guard Press. They are pretty adorable. Of course they would be released AFTER I’ve already purchased a planner for the year.

Wanting – to just get settled in and stay home for a bit. This summer has been a whirlwind of back and forth traveling and I just want to stay home and relax.

Needing – a whole lot of nothing…that’s good, right?

Feeling – productive and motivated. I have quite a bit on my plate the next few weeks and I’m checking items off my list in preparation.

Clicking – on Bloglovin and catching up on all my favorite reads from the last few weeks.

Don’t forget to visit Lauren’s blog and catch up on Sunday Currently from other bloggers. Hope you all have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Currently {15}

  1. Goodness, I am so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law’s health problems. It can be so scary when someone you love suffers like that, and it’s a powerful reminder to take stock of all we have in our lives. It’s nice that you were able to reach out to your parents like that. Life is too short. I will keep your family in my thoughts!

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