Sunday Currently {14}

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Reading – Pandora’s Lunchbox. It takes me forever to get through a book lately. Mostly because 5 minutes after I sit down and relax, I start falling asleep.

Writing – Grocery and meal planning lists. I have a big goal to finally get this in order and really try to get our grocery shopping/bills under control. With school starting in a little more than a month, we’ll be busy again and I want to have this down to a science. I did get all our household and personal files in better order and from 5 file bins down to 3.

Listening – The the Pop Hits station on the television. I just can’t watch anymore of the news today (and I do love the news).

Thinking –  That we should (maybe) stop in to Charlottesville or Williamsburg on the way to Maryland this weekend. We had the chance to do some local traveling while the kids have been in Maryland, but I have to admit….there isn’t a whole lot going on in Southwest Virginia (by way of food selection or museums) that we would be interested in. I would rather wait to get back to Annapolis this weekend and dine at one of our favorites, Lewnes’ Steakhouse.

Smelling – My vegetarian chili cooking….Yes, I eat this all the time.

Wishing – My sister had given me a call over the last two weeks. We are in a weird place right now (don’t really know or can explain why) and things are just awkward now. I did make it a point to get together for lunch while we were in Maryland and we even saw each other while running errands, but I was hoping she would pick up the phone or at least send a text seeing if anything was new.

Hoping – The kids will be ready to come back to Virginia next week. They have been in Maryland since the 20th of June and at my parents house (w/out us) since July 3rd. Graham has already declared his love for the State of Maryland and says he would rather live there than in Virginia (mostly because his Pop Pop is in MD).

Wearing – My favorite Lululemon Pace Shorts and an Old Navy hoodie. It’s 83 but I am always cold.

Loving – The wonderful selection of different spices and health foods at TJ Maxx lately. I have been back on 3 occasions to buy more spices – they smell wonderful and are delicious on our foods.

Wanting – To go school supply shopping for Graham (starts Kindergarten this year) but I’m waiting to hear if his transfer request is approved. Completely different supplies for each school. I’m so ready to start this next phase of education for him – school nerd alert (me).

Needing – The weather to stay warm and not rainy this week. At 31, I’m too young to get all achy when it’s cold or rainy out.

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Currently {14}

  1. I’m totally the same way with books. I love reading but cannot read at night for more than 10 minutes, if I’m lucky or I’ll just be fast asleep. I need to make a TJ Maxx trip this week, so I’ll check out the spices–thanks for the heads up!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about you and your sister. It made me sad to read your “wishing”…I hope things go back to normal soon. And good tip on TJ Maxx’s foods lately. I love getting specialty gourmet things there too, but haven’t been in awhile. I’ll have to check it out 🙂 Have a great Sunday!

    • Thank you. I think things have been brewing for a while….and then when we moved to VA, it changed more. Probably will take some time 🙂

      I’m finding some great things at the TJ here (furniture, clothes, pieces for home)..which is great, because there isn’t a whole lot of fun shopping to do here in Blacksburg.
      Hope you are having a great Sunday too!

  3. Oh TJ Maxx, how I love thee. Seriously, bargain shopping is the only way to go. 🙂 I’m sorry that things are weird between you and your sister. I hope that you get that phone call or text that you are wishing for.

  4. it’s long been a goal of mine to get the whole grocery list/meal planning thing in order for our house, but i’m still not quite there yet. we love going out to eat, so it’s hard to maintain a routine!

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