Sunday Currently {13}

Reading – Haven’t started yet, but FINALLY got a copy of Pandora’s Lunchbox. I had Tim pick it up from VA Tech’s University Library and I totally forgot how nice it is to check out books there (I can check it out until January 2014 – unless a hold is put on it).

Writing – In my planner and getting the next few months planned out. It’s hard to believe we are in July already. Before we know it, it will be back to school.

Listening – to the Big Bang Theory in the background – love this show

Thinking – I’m getting a tremendous amount done while the kids are in Maryland visiting my parents (Camp Mom Mom & Pop Pop). I have a small pile already started but know there will be plenty of clothes/toys going to Goodwill this week.

Smelling – Nothing…just nothing

Wishing – Tim and I can find a few fun things to do the next week to two weeks. With the kids away (and this my be the last time for a while) we really should.

Hoping – I’m ready to get back into the swing of school. I’m a total school nerd and LOVED going back. It’s just been since 2005 when I graduated and 2006 that I’ve taken a class.

Wearing – Pajamas

Loving – That we had such a nice visit to Maryland for 2 weeks. I loved that we got to see family and I got to go to all my favorite stores (Nordstrom Rack…what???). Also I’m SO happy to report that our home was left EXACTLY how we left it when the tenants moved it. That was such a relief….except for the two trees that need to come down (Tomorrow). I’m not loving that bill that will come w/ that.

Wanting – To decide on a planner. Should I wait until the end of the year (when my current MomAgenda ends) or do I get a new one?

Needing – To enjoy the summer and have fun!

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