Sunday Currently {12}

I alluded to this last week that I was waiting on some information about something I was thinking of doing. I have decided, with the encouragement of my husband to go back to school to become a Registered Dietitian. I already have a bachelors degree and I’ve been researching schools and program to see what my next step is. It’s a very science based field, so classes I avoided in college (Chemistry mainly) is required so I’m going to start working on those prerequisites at the local community college here. I met with an Advisor at Virginia Tech on Friday and having another meeting with the Dietics director to learn more about the program there. It’s likely that I will finish at another University (possibly University of Maryland again if we go back home) but could be at a number of schools. Pretty much all the schools Tim may apply to once he finishes his PhD have Dietics so it will work out good. I was on campus Friday and the feeling of being back in a classroom felt so wonderful to me.

IMG_0940 IMG_0959 IMG_0968

Reading – Schedules and Checklists for RD requirements throughout the country.

Writing – Lists, Lists and more lists…getting ready for a 2 week trip to Maryland.

Listening – to Max & Ruby in the background. Winding the kids down for the night.

Thinking – I am going to be a busy lady come August 26th.

Smelling – The Lemon Lysol I just sprayed the kitchen counters with.

Wishing – We can get through the next 2 1/2 weeks drama free. In addition to the stress of traveling, being a Matron of Honor, and visiting everyone….we also have the tenants in our house moving out on June 30th so we get to do that walk through with our property manager. Keeping my fingers crossed there are NO issues because it will STRESS Tim out to the Max!!!!!

Hoping – I can nail my speech to my friend on her wedding day, tear free.

Wearing – Pajamas…I’m exciting on a Sunday evening. This seems to be my normal uniform every Sunday.

Loving – That during Graham’s last T Ball game yesterday, he slid into Home Plate. It was not necessary, but it was cute.

Wanting – For all my travel necessities to magically transport to Maryland and not having to pack the car floor to ceiling.

Needing – To get some cute black shoes for the Bachelorette party, Friday night. Everyone is wearing Black dresses and glamming it up. A trip to Nordstrom Rack Thursday evening or Friday during the day is in order. I’m so excited to be home and to frequent all my favorite stores.

Additionally today, I want to wish my husband Tim a very Happy Father’s Day and to my dad too!!!!

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Currently {12}

    • Thank you! I’m excited and nervous. I graduated college back in 2005 so it’s been a while since I’ve been in that routine. I always loved school and every fall when it’s “back to school” season, I get nostalgic and wish I was going back too.

  1. SO exciting! I had a friend who was in dietics and she did the weirdest stuff in class. Haha. But, that is super interesting stuff. I love it!

    If you need a shopping partner Friday morning, I’m your gal! Haha. I love looking at Nordstrom Rack for shoes. I usually have great luck there. If you don’t find any there, my second bet is honestly Zappos. True story.

  2. How exciting!!! That’s really great news. Good luck with all that’s on your plate these days. It sounds like you have some really fun stuff coming up, so enjoy it 🙂

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