Summer Reading

I’d say for the last 6 months, I’ve let me reading fall by the wayside. Maybe it’s because I haven’t picked up a book that can keep my attention or maybe it’s the fact that 10 minutes after I sit down or relax, I start to fall asleep. The thing is, I love reading and I always have. Many times I go through spurts where I’ll read 2 books a week because I just can’t seem to put them down.
My parents were in town this weekend and my Dad was telling me about a book he just read that seemed very intriguing – Pandora’s Lunchbox How Processed Food Took Over the American Meal] by Melanie Warner.
In short, it talks about what is really in the foods we eat. Just by reading the book description and hearing some of the things he told me he read, makes me, now more than ever, want to adopt a Clean Living lifestyle for myself as well as my family. Even my husband, who is the pickiest (and not the healthiest) eater has started looking at the labels more and is on board with me to adopt this for our family. I do not plan to throw out the things that are already here, because honestly, that’s foolish and we are in no position to throw money away. I just will begin to make better choices at the grocery store (especially for the children).
Have you heard of this book? What are your thoughts on Clean Eating?
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