Sunday Currently {11}

Reading -Better Homes, Martha Stewart, Fitness, and Clean Eating Magazines.

Writing – Notes, quotes and ideas for my Matron of Honor speech that I’m giving on the 28th. I’m pretty nervous.

Listening – New Politics – Harlem. Great song to run to. Download it!

Thinking – About the Bachelorette party I’m going to next week. I’d rather do a dinner and wine night…I’m not into the party “props.” (You know what I’m talking about). It’s not me…and definitely what I forbid at my party.

Smelling – Coconut lotion….love summer lotions.

Wishing – I was a little more “fun.” I like small crowds (mainly one on one) as opposed to big groups and busy environments.

Hoping – To get some information this week about something I may pursue (will share more details soon).

Wearing – Pajamas…see…I’m fun. It’s 7:00 and I’m ready for bed.

Loving – That my parents were able to come down this weekend and that they got a lot of time to spend with the kids. Graham almost went back with them until we come back to MD next week but he still has T-Ball games this week.

Wanting – To prepare some party favors for the girls next week. Nothing dirty (because I hate that stuff)..just a little survival kit (tylenol, mints, wipes, etc.)

Needing – To finish getting a few things for the wedding. Also to get my packing lists and to do lists ready for next week.

Feeling – Warm. It was 93 degrees today and a bit warm. I braved the pool with two kids too.

Clicking – On clothing websites that I do not need to.


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