Embarking on this journey as my husband began work on his PhD, we knew we would be doing a lot of traveling back and forth from Virginia to Maryland. While I do enjoy visiting family, going home and seeing all my favorite things about Maryland, I often feel overwhelmed and stressed when it comes to packing and getting the whole family out the door, with everything.
You would think by now I would have checklists started and have it down to a science, but no – I still pack heavy and fill the car to the brim with clothes and travel essentials. The last time we went to Maryland, the kids were already up there, so it was just packing for my husband and myself and I was still stressing out.
There is two weeks before we head out. I’m challenging myself to get this down to a science before we go, while trying not to stress out too much. I stress out for a weekend trip and this one is going to be 2 weeks.
First and foremost – a checklist is in order.


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