June Goals & Happenings

It’s hard to believe another month (May) has come and gone and now we are getting ready to enter the summer months. After this winter and the weekly snow storms, I’m welcoming the warm weather with open arms. We have no specific plans in July, but June is going to be an extremely busy month for me (especially at the end of the month).

Here are some things I HOPE to do and accomplish this month:

  1. Set a blogging schedule with post ideas (and stick to it). I really enjoyed the Blog Everyday in May Challenge (only missed the last day of the month).
  2. Continue to work out daily while adding 2-3 days of running in. I hope to get outside more for running, but I am so not used to running in the mountains. The people who I see every day running (even when it’s 5 degrees out) are rock stars around here.
  3. Write some personal notes (not emails) to friends and family. This year has been more email and I want to get back to letter writing (the old fashioned way) to communicate with everyone.
  4. Take the kids to the pool daily and not be freaked out the entire time. I can be a helicopter mom especially since my boys are constantly in motion and often times go in opposite directions. The pool is just one more place to take them to drive my stress level up and making sure everyone is safe. Also to enroll the boys in some camps in June and August.
  5. Get more into a groove of date nights with Tim. Since the New Year (and with the weather) we haven’t made that much of a priority and it’s something we enjoyed and did at least twice a month in Maryland before we moved. Even if it’s just getting out and going for coffee and/or tea.
  6. Do more meal and grocery planning and actually sticking to it. This is a hot topic in this house and I would LOVE for us to all start eating the same things.
  7. Put a little variety into my daily meals. I pretty much eat the exact same things every single day until I get tired of something (and that usually takes a long time to happen). Seriously I ate turkey sandwiches for lunch and dinner from June until January this year. Now it’s vegetarian chili. It’s a quirk.

6 thoughts on “June Goals & Happenings

  1. What amazing goals! I really like the hand-written letters goals. That is sometimes so difficult to sit down and get done but I feel that that is precisely why those notes are so lovely and amazing to find in the mail. They are so rare these days.

    Good luck!!!!

  2. Better meal planning is definitely a goal for me too! I feel like I waste so much money every week not eating everything I buy at the grocery store every week or by buying things that only work for 1 meal.

    • I know what you mean. It’s not a trend that I wanted to have, but we all (my husband, kids and myself) eat different things – breakfast, lunch & dinner. I stick to a healthy and strict food lifestyle and most of what I eat, my husband won’t touch. I also have 1 kid that will eat everything (veggies, fruits and a good balance of proteins & carbs) and then I have 1 kid who literally will only eat pizza, mac & cheese and chicken tenders.

      That said, trying to meal plan is extremely tough. I meal plan individually. Also, it seems like a day or two after I have the fridge stocked up with fresh food, it’s quickly gone.
      One day I’ll figure it all out.

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