Sunday Currently {10}

The last day of school for the kids was Friday. The new attitudes, meltdowns and backtalking started a week and a half ago….oh it will be a fun summer, I can tell.

Reading -Better Homes and Garden & Southern Living. Not sure why it’s taking me so long to get through them.

Writing – Lots of to do lists for the upcoming weeks. It’s going to be a very busy month (especially towards the end)

Listening – To 60 Minutes w/ Tim. I’m excited to see the segment talking about Downton Abbey.

Thinking – About my maid of honor speech for my best friends wedding at the end of the month. I’m a little nervous about getting in front of everyone, but I’m getting some tips on what to talk about.

Smelling – Some chicken noodle soup on the stove. Tim hasn’t been feeling well today and he hasn’t been hungry for much else.

Wishing – I wasn’t such a nut case and would just settle on a new planner for 2013-2014. Does anyone else stress over it when picking out a new one for the year? This is clearly not a thing to get frazzled about.

Hoping – My sister and brother in law (and their son) have a safe trip to San Antonio, Texas where they will be living for the next few years.

Wearing – Pajamas…knowing what time I get up in the morning, it’s almost bed time.

Loving – The consistent warm weather we’ve been having. Years ago, I would have hated 80 degrees, but now I’m even loving 90 degrees – my hair, however, is not.

Wanting – To share some news about a new endeavor I’m thinking of embarking on, but plan to do that once I get some more facts. It’s exciting…I promise.

Needing – Shoes for me…shoes for Tim…shoes for the kids.

Feeling – Great! I’m sure the warm weather has something to do with it because once it gets below 55 degrees I hurt all over.

Clicking – On different sites looking at planners – see…I’m crazy!


6 thoughts on “Sunday Currently {10}

    • I’m thinking they will love it too. They are moving from Arlington so one fun city to another. Hope you have a nice week too. It was a busy day so I hope to catch up n today’s blogs in the morning.

    • I’m just getting back into it. Hoping to get a routine going!
      The Downton segment was pretty much an interview with Maggie Grace and she’s as awesome n real life as her character. I was disappointed in the ending too…too many main characters killed off last season.

  1. i obsess over my planners too – it’s such an exciting thing for me. i was also one of those kids who got inordinately excited over school supplies (still do, actually!). i understand your planner anxiety, i really do.

    yay for san antonio! i’m from louisiana, but i think i’m a texas girl at heart.

    • I love school supplies too. I was one of those kids who was ready to go supply shopping the second the stores put it out. I hated having to wait until the lists were distributed on the first day of school.

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