Sunday Currently {9}





Reading – Magazines. Pretty much my standard reading material lately.

Writing – Thank you notes for Graham’s Birthday gifts this past week. He writes the “Thank you” and his name, but I take care of the rest. I’m a nut about thank you notes and always making sure they go out for any gift.

Listening – To the news in the background and Graham playing a game on the Ipad.

Thinking – The weather needs to be HOT…I won’t complain when it’s 95…..Promise! I can’t take the cool anymore.

Smelling – It’s a little out of season, but the Marshmallow candle from Bath and Body Works. I think they have the best burning & smelling candles around!

Wishing – We will have some idea of what’s to come the next 1-2 years. Will we go back to Maryland….will we go to another state?

Hoping – My parents are able to come into town next weekend. I’m feeling a little homesick and would love to see some family members.

Wearing – Jeans, a North Face jacket (lightweight) and socks…yes, socks. It’s Memorial Day weekend and I’m bundled up.

Loving – All the sales going on at all my favorite stores (J Crew, Gap, Loft). I wish I had a reason to make a purchase. I’m being good.

Wanting – For June to hurry up and move forward. I am in a wedding at the end of June and we will be spending some time in MD so I’m looking forward to visiting and to celebrate with my friend for her special day.

Needing – To go shoe shopping for the kids. Their shoes look rough.

Feeling – Sore. 31 is a little young to have all over aches when it’s chilly. I’m also feeling like I need to see some familiar Maryland faces soon. As mentioned above, I’m a bit homesick and I think a few visits w/ good people will cheer me up.

Clicking – and looking for some summer activities for the kids. School isn’t over for my oldest yet (Friday is his last day) and I can feel myself going nuts already.

Hope everyone has a Happy Memorial Day and a great week ahead!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Currently {9}

  1. Socks! I gave up socks (except for working out) a few weeks ago! Haha! Happy Memorial Day! I have been pretty good with the Memorial Day sales, too, but I have an excuse to go shopping for new clothes… I need a business casual summer wardrobe… wow. That may be the biggest “hint” I’ve given so far…. ohhh such a tease. But, yeah, I’m broke so it’s hard to buy anything! Haha!

    • I haven’t worn socks in about a month but yesterday it was 44 in the morning and Graham had a T Ball game. It was too chilly to go without. I really want to get some clothes, but I can honestly (and it hurts to say) say…I really don’t NEED anything…bah!
      Business casual???

  2. My parents said it was borderline SNOWING in Upstate New York this weekend! Crazy weather. For once, I’m thankful to be in the balmy South 🙂

    Hope you get some time with family and friends soon. I know the feeling of craving that. Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day weekend 🙂

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