Sunday Currently {8}

The Spring semester is over and graduation has happened here in Blacksburg which means the traffic will cool off and it will be very quiet around here until the end of August. Clearly this is a sign that I’m getting older and prefer peace and quiet over loud and rowdy.
IMG_0529.JPG (2)


Reading – The latest magazines to come into the mail this week – Fitness, Martha Stewart, Women’s Health.

Writing – More like “helping” my almost 5 year old write a Thank You note to his teacher who came to see him at his Tee Ball game yesterday. He has 3 other classmates who play on different teams too and she has made it to at least one game for each of her kids – she’s a wonderful lady and we will definitely miss her next year.

Listening – To the sound of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game on the Ipad (Graham is playing) and Tim watching the NCAA Lacrosse Quarterfinals. It’s a rainy Sunday so we are all still in comfy clothes (well….everyone but me because I’ve been out already today at the gym).

Thinking – That I need to get my meal and grocery planning under control and in better order. I feel like I’m at the store everyday or every other and it seems to be out of control.

Smelling – Marshmallow Fireside candle from Bath and Body Works – it smells divine.

Wishing – My oldest a Happy 5th Birthday this Wednesday (22nd). It literally seems like yesterday he was born and it’s so hard to believe that I will have a Kindergartner next year.

Hoping – The rain goes away and we can have 1 full week of warmth and sunshine.

Wearing – Lucy Hatha Pants, an Old Navy Vintage Crew Tshirt and a North Face lightweight jacket. (similar)

Drinking – Berry Propel Water

Loving – Andy Bernard’s quote during the Office Finale this week… “I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days, before you actually left them.”

Wanting – For Red Seedless Grapes to go on sale again. I spend a crazy about of money on these a week (they are my favorite).

Needing – To sign up the kids for camp this summer (a week in June and a week in August).

Feeling – Refreshed after a mid morning nap. I did this yesterday and today and while I felt a little sluggish when I woke up, I’ve felt wonderful the rest of the day.

Clicking – On the Lululemon “We Made Too Much” sale section. I need to stop….NEED.TO.STOP!

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Currently {8}

    • It’s been pretty miserable here the last few days…and we have 2 windows in the front of the house that have been leaking when it rains. This makes us pretty nervous as we are traveling to MD at the end of June for 2 weeks (hoping that gets fixed soon).

  1. The big 5, huh? It seems like 5 is the first year that the kids REALLY pick up on their special day. Although some of my pre-k kids still don’t understand it. Yeah… that’s a big deal! Awwww. All grown up! 🙂 And I love that quote from The Office. It feels very Cheers-esque to me.

    • It was definitely the first time that he truly “got it.” How awesome am I that I made his 5 year checkup on his birthday (he’s not a fan of going to the doctors) and I told him that the doctor needed to give him a check to make sure he’s ready to be 5. It worked for him and it was cute watching the back and forth banter he and the doctor had. It was the first time I wasn’t saying “don’t touch that, sit down, and helping him along.”

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