Favorite Blogs {Day 19} Blog Everyday in May

  1. I Wanna Be A Domestic Goddess – I have been reading this blog for almost 3 years now and Rebecca is definitely one cool girl. She always has the most amazing desserts featured (that she makes herself) and shows off her crafty side with wonderful paper crafts – you definitely want to be on her Christmas card list.
  2. The Northeast Girl – Maureen is my fashion inspiration and she makes it look so easy.
  3. I Love You More Than Carrots – Ashley is hands down my favorite Mom blogger. She always has the right thing to say (often times when you need to hear it most about parenting), mixed with humorous tales of the everyday going ons in a mom/parents life. She also did our family portraits last year which makes her that much more awesome to me.
  4. Skinnytaste – I love this blog / recipe page for healthy recipe inspiration. If you are on Weight Watchers (or at least follow the plan, like myself), this page covers all kinds of recipes and will give you calorie and points breakdowns.
  5. Like Ordinary Life – I’ve already confessed that Tina is one of my favorite bloggers on Day 5 of the Blog Everyday in May Challenge. See Post here and be sure to hop on over to her blog – you won’t be disappointed.


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