Let Me See You Whistle {Day 18} Blog Everyday in May

Vividly, I can remember the day I got my name on the board in 1st grade.
Mrs. Ludwig (my 1st grade teacher) told us to be silent while we were working on something. During this time, a boy named Jamal White whispered to me asking if I knew how to whistle. “Yeah, I know how to whistle” was my response and I began to show him.
“Angie, go put your name on the board!”
Those words…The words I never heard because I wasn’t a troublemaker, but rather a teachers pet. I was mortified, sad, scared and began crying and shaking as I walked to the front of the room and had to write my name under the names of some of the class troublemakers. I also remember my teacher having to walk me out to my mom’s car because I cried the entire day. She told my mother that she hated to make me do it, but we were supposed to be quiet and I had to be reprimanded (as anyone else would have been too).
I was such a rebel, wasn’t I?


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