In front of the camera {Day 17} Blog Everyday in May

After having my second child (2010) I pretty much spent the entire year behind the camera and never in front. I wish there were lots of pictures of him and I (and other family shots for that matter). I had big plans of getting all the baby weight off after my second but I had a very tough time with a speech delay with my oldest and the term Autism Spectrum entering our home. I pretty much drowned in tears often and we ate out way too much….not to mention the bad food picked up at the grocery store.

I cried about the speech (or lack thereof), I cried about the way I looked and I was ready for a change. I joined a 24 hour gym in March 2011 and was getting back into the routine of working out, at the gym, but results were pretty non-existent. It wasn’t until my annual lady exam that my doctor informed me that she’d like for me to get some of the weight of (this would help with my chronic feeling of being hot). That was the first time I had been told that I needed to lose weight (even though I already knew).

Memorial Day 2011 was the starting date and as of today, early May 2013 I am 100 pounds lighter (have been since August 2012 and have kept it off).

Last year, in May, I was ready to get back in front of the camera…and this time with my family (because we had no family photos – at my choosing).

This is one of my favorite pictures because I was finally not ashamed to have my photo taken.


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