Being Thankful {Day 16} Blog Everyday in May

Today’s prompt asks us to focus on something difficult with our “lot in life” and explain how we are working to overcome it. Generally, I am an optimistic (yet realistic) person and I do not like to dwell on misfortunes or bad moments.
I feel that I’m a person who tries to see the silver lining in things and prefers smiling and laughter over crying, any day (even though I have my fair share of crying moments).
I feel very blessed that I haven’t been dealt any blows in life, but would rather focus on the good things and blessings in my life.
I have my health and my family. I count my blessings every single day for my husband and my children. Between my husband and I we have a wonderful family on both sides who support us and would do anything for us and everyone if needed.
There are so many things to be thankful for!


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