Making me Happy {Day 14} Blog Everyday in May


  • Music – hands down one of my favorite things. It’s always on in the car, at the gym, and at the house. The kids also listen to what I listen to (my oldest is a big Lumineers and Imagine Dragon fan).
  • Early Morning Workouts & Quiet Mornings – As a stay at home mom, once the kids are awake, it’s go time. Getting my workout done first thing in the morning (well before everyone wakes up) is key. Plus it wakes me up for the day and I don’t have it looming over my head. I get my workout done early enough that I can come home, shower and enjoy my coffee and breakfast quietly too – it’s very peaceful.
  • Dinner out with good friends – I love meeting up with friends for dinner and a good chat.
  • Peonies – my favorite flower – they are just so pretty.
  • Moments with family – I love that we are close with our family and get together frequently for holidays, birthdays and other occasions (this happened more when we were in Maryland). Since we are in Virginia, having fun moments at the park, or visiting the train museum with the kids is always a good time.
  • Handwritten Letters – I love stationery and always love an opportunity to write a note to friends or family (I love when I get a handwritten note or card too).
  • Being an Optimist – Even at complicated times, I always try to find the joy or positive things.
  • Moments of accomplishment – completing a goal or project makes me feel good. When my husband or children accomplish something, it makes me feel good.
  • Finding Joy in little moments / things – something about an afternoon cup of coffee or sitting by the water quietly is relaxing.
  • My family – a true blessing


2 thoughts on “Making me Happy {Day 14} Blog Everyday in May

  1. This is a great list, very well-rounded and focused on the important things! I adore peonies too. And I also try to find joy in little moments–not always easy, but such a great feeling when you can remember to be mindful!

    • Don’t get me wrong…big moments are “big moments” but I love simple pleasures and just doing fun and easy things w/ the kids (playing in the yard, taking them to a football/baseball game, having ice cream sundaes, etc).

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