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We spent the weekend back home in Maryland and we stayed at Tim’s parents farm. A little longer of a drive everywhere than their other house, but very relaxing.

reading -I just began reading Carry On Warrior last week. I’m enjoying it so far but haven’t had much time to pick it up since Thursday last week.

listening – to Sex and the City on E! Normally I have the news on but wanting to watch some girl stuff today.

loving – that I had an opportunity to see my oldest friends from Maryland this weekend as we celebrated her for her Bridal shower. I haven’t seen her since August and she’s been training and doing Weight Watchers and looks absolutely AMAZING!!!! I can’t wait to be her Matron of Honor next month.

thinking – I need to work on a To-Do list for the week. I normally do this on Sunday but spent the entire day in the car.

wanting – for the temperature to be a little warmer today. It was in the 70’s this weekend and thankfully, this week it will be in the 80’s. In the meantime….it’s chilly.

wishing – I wasn’t so sleepy on Saturday after the shower because I really wanted to pop into Lululemon, Whole Foods, Nordstrom Rack and Trader Joe’s while in Annapolis – next time.

feeling – like I’ve spent 90% of the weekend in the car and need another day to recoup. The only thing I wanted for Mother’s Day is to not drive at all back home to Virginia – and that is what I got but I didn’t sleep as much as I would have liked.

writing – posts for the Blog Everyday in May Challenge. I am really enjoying it and it’s getting me in a habit of writing/posting everyday.

hoping – to be able to spend lots of time with friends and family next month when we are in Maryland for 2 weeks. We had an opportunity to get together for dinner (at Jalapeno’s of Annapolis – my favorite) with Tim’s family on Friday and it was so nice to have dinner and laugh with everyone. It’s been a while.Inside-Restaurant-New-Annap

wearing – long sleeves and Lululemon pants….it’s 45 degrees out 😦

needing – a nap…even though I hate these…I think a little R&R would do me some good

clicking – not much

Have a great week!


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