How Embarrassing {Day 10} Blog Everyday in May

My aunt and I have never really had any bad blood or any real reason to not get along. Honestly, I only see her and my Uncle once a year (Christmas Eve) and that’s about the extent of the relationship, if you will. She’s not a bad person, I just find her a bit bizarre and haphazard.

On my wedding day, the DJ knew of certain songs I did not want played (Electric Slide, Booty Call, or any of those group dances – not a fan) and he also was great about alerting me or getting my attention if a request was made to make sure it was something I wanted played. Somehow something got slipped by me and shortly after the Father / Daughter  and Mother / Son dance, my mother and myself were called out to the dance floor.

I was extremely confused and unsure of what was going on.

All of a sudden, “The Wind Beneath My Wings” started playing and I was supposed to dance with my mom.


What was going on? I looked utterly confused and after about a minute, I gave the DJ the “cut it” sign, which he did and started playing something else on my playlist.

Believe me, I love my mother…but she looked a bit lost too.

Turns out, my Aunt had requested this. Not sure if she was trying to upset me or she truly thought she was doing something nice.

You would be embarrassed too, right?


2 thoughts on “How Embarrassing {Day 10} Blog Everyday in May

  1. Hahah this is really random and weird!! Yes I’d be so embarrassed. Dancing with your mom?? I bet your aunt was trying to do something sweet and just didn’t have a clue that it was actually really strange. Good embarrassing story!

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