Blog Everyday in May {Blog Love} Day 5

Day 5 of the Blog Everyday in May Challenge asks us to declare our love for one of our favorite bloggers. I started blog reading back in 2009 and over the years have stumbled upon many different blogs that have become favorites.

I am not sure how I found this one blog, but I am very happy that I did. The wonderful Tina at Like Ordinary Life is another Maryland local who is a wonderful writer. She has a wonderful way with words and always seems to write something that hits home to me. One of my favorite features of her blogs is the Sunday Currently. I always feel like she could be my BFF (even though we’ve never met a day in our lives). Usually when she posts pictures of the going on’s in Maryland, it makes me eager to get back home. This weeks, May Day in Annapolis post was perfect to warm my Maryland heart.

I have to admit, she has inspired me to get back into blogging again too. I am by no means a good writer, but it’s something I have wanted to take on again.

Be sure to pop by her blog….you’ll love it!


5 thoughts on “Blog Everyday in May {Blog Love} Day 5

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