Blog Everyday in May {Things that make me uncomfortable} Day 3

I feel like this list could be more extreme (and long) as there are so many things in the world that can make me uncomfortable. Here is just a sampling:

  • The Money or Finance chatter with people other than my husband. You will never hear me talk about these things with friends and/or certain family members because I feel these are very private matters. Certain people in my life talk about it (and about others) like it’s normal conversation. I don’t enjoy, nor do I want to hear about how others are doing financially, how much so and so makes and what they paid for something. 
  • Traveling. I know, I know….am I insane? Probably just a little. I used to really enjoy traveling and going to new places but as I’ve gotten older, I feel more comfort in being in my own home and in my own bed. I never sleep well in a hotel room and I do not enjoy staying at someone’s home (which is what we do now when we go back to Maryland to visit). I do know, as a child/teenager I was uncomfortable staying at others home then too.
  • Being put in social situations where I don’t know ANYONE. I’m sure this is true for lots of people. It’s especially hard for me if most of the people already know each other and I’ve never met them. People perceive me as being very outgoing, but deep down I know I’m shy and am not one to be throwing myself out there.
  • Talking on the phone. I just don’t like to do it anymore and usually when the phone rings, it’s always at a bad time with the kids (they are fighting, being loud). My family will call with every thought that comes into their head throughout the day (which can add up to about 20 calls a day). I wish they would learn how to text.
  • Button down shirts. I love them. I love them on other people. I constantly tug at them and just can never find one that stays in place.

Are some of my quirks similar to yours?


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