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Last week, I’m sure you noticed a trend in my week in deciding whether to stay in Virginia for another year or go back to Maryland. Husband is in a PhD program and it was made clear to him (us) that he stands a better chance of finishing on time (August 2014) if we stay here. We’ve already sacrificed so much to be here and to head back to Maryland would mean that “life” would get in the way and it may take longer (years) for him to get done. It makes sense to bite the bullet and make the most of it for another year. By Monday of this past week, I was at complete peace with the decision.

Reading – Glamour, Lucky, Weight Watchers & Fitness magazines. Again, I have fell behind in keeping current w/ my subscriptions.

Writing – In my planner and mapping out some events for the summer. I have two 5K’s scheduled for the fall and hope to log some more miles in races this summer in Southwest Virginia. The picture above is from my first 5K, exactly 1 year ago today with my good friend who also shares the same Birthday as me.

Listening – To Graham singing Thrift Shop. I’m not sure that its cute or terrible that he knows all the words (edited version of course).

Thinking – How in the world does a Stay at home mom of nearly 5 years get back into the workforce. I know that I’m ready and hope that sometime this upcoming summer I am able to get back to work, outside the home.

Feeling – For the last 2 days, very sick. I have a cold that I can’t seem to shake and it’s definitely worn me out. It’s rare (more like unheard of) for me to be in pajamas for 2 days straight (with the exception of getting to the gym).

Hoping – My parents get some peace with our decision to stay here in Virginia for another year. My father and oldest son are extremely close and when I told him that we decided to stay another year here, I know it broke his heart.

Wearing – (see Feeling)…pajamas…nothing to exciting this weekend. Hope to be wearing that cute little Ellen Allen tote soon. Love a great sale!

Loving – My husband today (or course I do this everyday). Today is extra special as it is our 6th year wedding Anniversary.  Also, loving that my father in law still sends us letters every month. He’s not much on the computer so we usually see correspondence 1-2x a month. He’s so cute!

Wishing – Our family makes the trip here throughout the summer to visit. I’ve been a bit bummed out lately that with the exception of my parents, and one of Tim’s siblings (and his family), no one has been down here to visit us. We’ve made the trip back to Maryland 7 times since we moved last August. I was a little under the impression that people would come see us too. (Husbands folks were supposed to come this weekend, but a trip to the hospital changed that..they get a pass too – everything is fine there).

Wanting – a Fitness Tracker. I am torn between the Polar FT40 and the Nike fit band. Anyone have/use one. Your thoughts?

Needing – For school to be year round (haha). I swear, teachers don’t get paid enough and I’m not ready yet with summer plans/activities for the kids that will keep us all entertained and sane.


11 thoughts on “Sunday Currently {5}

  1. Hey! Just stopping in from The Sunday Currently to say hello and see how your week was going! I’m loving that tote you got, btw!

    As for your fitness tracker, I have never used either. Are you looking for more than the run tracking feature? I always used the mapmyrun app to keep things simple on my phone but recently I haven’t been running with my iPhone so… that’s a bit problematic. Let me know if you hear any feedback — I’d love to find a good product that works well. 🙂

    Have a great week!

    ~Brooke @ Who Moved My Cheesecake?

    • I’m loving that tote too! I actually won a FB contest last year for that company and won an Eastport tote. It’s great for weekend traveling, especially when we make the trip home to Maryland. Regarding the fitness trackers….I’m looking for something mostly to track calories and fitness but also run tracking too. There are so many to choose from. The Polar FT40 appears to be the most popular and the Garmin next. We’ll see.

      Hope you have a great week too!

    • Thank you! It’s hard to believe 6 years has passed already. I’m looking at the FitBit, the Garmin, and the Polar FT40. It’s great to have lots to choose from, but trying to find the right one can be tricky. We’ll see 🙂

  2. I’m glad you guys have made a decision that you’re at peace with regarding whether to move. What a hard choice to make! But it sounds like ultimately this was the right one for your family. Having visitors makes it easier, too! Fingers crossed for more of those and for feeling better soon.

    • It definitely is the right decision. The final decision was pretty much made on Monday last week, but it was made final by Friday when we decided to renew our lease here and to let the tenants in our house in Maryland know that we are willing for a lease extension.

  3. Happy anniversary!! And your “hoping” is so sweet and touching. I know all about being away from family….we’re in southern AL (my husband is in the Army) and SO far from all of our family, who are in VA and DC and NY and TX….all over. It’s really hard, and someday soon we want to be near them! We haven’t had too many visitors down here either and it’s tough!

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday 🙂

    • Thanks for replying. This is really my first time being away from family. We are from Maryland and I commuted to College Park in college so I never had the experience of leaving home. I moved out a year before I got married but still in the area (Annapolis). It hasn’t been as hard for my husband because this isn’t new to him (also from MD, but came to VA Tech for undergrad and graduate school) and now we are here again. It hasn’t been too bad – the winter was definitely tough…and cold…and pretty lonely. My older sisters husband is Army too and they are leaving Arlington,VA this summer and heading to San Antonio so she knows how you feel.

      Hope you have a great week too!

  4. what a cute bag! i hope you get to wear it soon.

    i also hope you start feeling better soon, too. being sick is just no fun. props to you for still getting in the gym, though! i want to get a fitness tracker, too. let me know which one you end up deciding on!

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