Sunday Currently {4}


ImageWhat a week it has been. Many highs and lows and moments where I wish we could just make a decision for the next year. This picture was posted on Wednesday and by today we’re uncertain again.

Reading – This week, a whole lot of nothing. There is a lot on my mind in the coming week that I haven’t been able to sit down, relax and tune out.

Writing – more like filling out applications and school registration forms. Graham will be in Kindergarten next year and preschool again for Nick (already registered in VA….possibly will be filling these out for MD if we go back).

Listening – Imagine Dragons, Revolution. 

Thinking – Overthinking and thinking some more. If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you would have seen that we made a decision on Wednesday to move back to Maryland. Tim got word from his adviser that he’s far enough along in the process with his PhD that he can continue remotely and come here to Blacksburg from time to time and meet with his committee. This was the plan, originally and I have to say that I really want to go back home. Blacksburg is a great town, but it’s not home. Tim wants to go home too (financially it makes sense since we own our home there), but he’s questioning whether it’s the right move. Hopefully next week I will have a definitive answer!!!

Feeling – Homesick, tired and cold.

Hoping – We have answers this week and that we stick with one decision and move on. 

Wearing – I must say that the Lululemon Skinny Will pants are AMAZING!!!! They are basically skinny yoga pants and I would love to live in them everyday!!

Loving – The support and love that we as a country have shown to Boston during this terrible week they’ve had. I have never been there, but hope to one day.

Wishing – This week goes by really fast!!!! Need answers!!!!

Wanting – To go through my closet and seriously purge clothes that haven’t been worn in over a year. I know I have them and I know I shouldn’t hold on to them. If the decision stands to go home to Maryland, I’m definitely getting rid of a lot because it will be less to pack (moving and packing is not fun).

Needing – Another girls night out soon!!

Hope everyone has a great week.


9 thoughts on “Sunday Currently {4}

    • We moved last summer and it was fun at first, but then a cold winter came and I’m not sure I want to experience another winter here. Before I could meet up with my sister in law or friends and it helped the winter go by a little easier.

      Yes…Girls Nights do cure everything!!!!

  1. Moving is definitely great motivation to get rid of old clothes. We went through lots of bags of old clothes, shoes, and housewares before our move, and we’ll probably do another round as we continue to unpack everything from boxes. It feel great to de-clutter!

  2. Reading this today, after your big announcement, is silly to me. 🙂 I tried on the Skinny Will pants but bought another pair of wunderunders instead a few months ago. Sheesh. I guess I’d have been better off… all of these recalled pants and all. oops. Hang in there! MD will be waiting!

    • I love the wunder under colors but feel like I can’t keep them up…seemed too low rise for me…maybe I need to try again.

      Maybe on one of our trips home to visit we could meet up…perhaps this summer?

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