Sunday Currently {3}


Yesterday was my 31st Birthday. It’s so funny how 30 was such a big deal (and I celebrated, literally 3 different times with friends, family and parents) and 31 was just any other day except with cake and flowers. 

Reading – Stacy London’s “The Truth About Style” Love her!

Writing – Grocery Lists for the week and attempting to be a better grocery shopper. 

Listening – Family of the Year – Hero. Love this song and I have noticed that Tim’s been digging it too as he’s had it on the rotation.

Thinking – A lot about our plans for the next year. For those who know, we are in Blacksburg VA right now, but still have our home in Maryland. We have to make a decision by April 30th whether we stay another year or go back home.

Feeling – Happy! I’m so glad the winter is officially over and that the temperatures have been in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s been such a big improvement on my mood.

Hoping – Tim can get some clear answers in his meeting this week with his advisor. 

Wearing – Today, jeans and a long sleeve tshirt. It’s been really nice to not have to wear a winter coat and gloves.

Loving – all my friends and family! Yesterday was my Birthday and it was so nice to get phone calls, cards and well wishes.

Wishing – That the answer for the next year just comes to us and that we make the right one. Have you noticed that this decision is basically consuming my Sunday Currently? It’s pretty much the biggest thing going on right now 🙂

Wanting – new flip flops and pair of Sperry Boat shoes. I ordered a pair of Rainbow’s last week but they really hurt my feet and knew they weren’t the ones for me. Would love some recommendations on your favorites.

Needing – to clear out sweaters, coats and all winter attire and get my spring/summer stuff front and center.

Clicking – On some of my favorite blogs w/ recipes for new inspiration and ideas.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Currently {3}

  1. Well Happy Birthday!!!! April 30th is really around the corner. I vote for Annapolis, obviously. I live in my rainbows…. did you get the fat band or the skinny banded ones? I have the fatter band. They are mens, I think. Birkenstocks are a big sandal for me, too. 🙂

    • the ones that I ordered were the wide band but I think I need to size up one more. I wear a size 10 womens and I ordered the xl…think I need to go w/ L10 which on the site says that it’s wider (which is what I need too b/c I felt like my foot was falling off).
      I’m between a pair of Rainbows and Sperry’s.
      April 30th sure is around the corner. The property management company here gave us an extension back in November to let them know whether we planned to renew our lease or now until after Tim’s exams, so that is why we have to have a decision by the 30th. A big part of us (both) want to come back to MD, but also we both agree that he stands a better chance of doing this successfully by staying here a little longer. We were hoping to do one more semester but the lease terms are for a year only and we don’t want to get involved w/ subleasing. It also would make sense to keep the boys in school for the full year instead of pulling them out 1/2 way and then moving on to another.

      Will keep you posted!

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