Sunday Currently {2}

Reading – Magazines and playing catch-up. I haven’t been keeping up with the piles and piles of magazines…still have some February issues to check out.

Writing – in my planner and gearing up for a busy few months (t-ball for Graham, wedding shower, bachelorette party and wedding for one of my favorite people in Maryland).

Listening – to Justin Timberlake…I am so digging Mirror’s

Thinking – Tim needs to keep it cool the next few days and keep relaxed. He has his qualifying exam on Wednesday which determines if he continues with his PhD program or if we go home to Maryland (and do not continue).

Feeling – cold. It was 65 and glorious yesterday but rainy and chilly today. I promise I won’t complain when it feels like 105 with the heat index.

Hoping – My parents can make the trip to Virginia next weekend (13th) for my Birthday and Graham’s 1st game of T-Ball. 

Wearing – Nothing spectacular…Champion Yoga Pants and a Blacksburg Classic Long sleeve. I promise I wore something more Easter appropriate to Mass this morning.

Loving – that tomorrow is the 1st Day of April. By far one of my favorite months and not just because it’s my Birthday month. Also is the month of Nick’s Birthday and our Anniversary. I also share my Birthday with my Brother in Law and good friend. 30 was good…now on to 31.

Wishing – We had went to Maryland this weekend and possibly not last. It would have been nice to spend Easter with family and attend Mass at our favorite Church.

Wanting – to be better with my grocery shopping and being open to trying new varieties of foods. I stick with a meal plan and can eat the same things every single day.

Needing – to be a little patient with some of decisions that need to be made the next 2 weeks. With Tim’s exams we need to be open to options as well as prepare for another year stay here in Blacksburg or possible move to Maryland.

Clicking – on Lululemon’s web page a bit too much. I had not been in the store EVER and when we were in Maryland back at the end of 2012 I tried their clothes on and instantly became addicted. Normally during my early workouts I log on and see what’s added to the sale pages.

Happy Easter and wish everyone a very happy week!


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