My Sunday Currently {1}

A few of my favorite blogs that I read daily do the “Sunday Currently,” so in an attempt to get back into this regularly, here is mine for the first week of March.

Reading – The Happiness Project (Gretchen Rubin). It’s taking me a bit longer than typical to get through it but I have a bad habit lately of getting very sleepy after 10 minutes of reading. It’s me, not the book.

Writing – To Do lists and Grocery lists for the week.

Listening – A lot of Mumford and Sons lately. Pretty obsessed right now with Lover of the Light.

Thinking – I HAVE to get our tax paperwork put together and sent to our accountant. Everything is already here, just sitting down and having a quiet moment to concentrate seems to be a luxury lately that I’m just not having.

Feeling – Cold….just really cold. I cannot take another week of winter.

Hoping – That the snowstorm in the forecast this week turns out to be less or nothing that’s predicted. I heard this morning 7 inches possible as well as a foot possible. I’d be happy with NOTHING!

Wearing – Grey polka dot pajama pants and a waffle shirt. About to throw a sweatshirt on (see Feeling).

Loving – That it is finally March. February is my absolute least favorite month and I know that once we are through it, spring is around the corner.

Wishing – Lots of luck for Tim the next few weeks as he prepares and takes his qualifying exams for his PhD program. These exams pretty much determine if he continues with the program or just not cut out for it. Would love some good thoughts and prayers!

Wanting – A new tote/purse for spring. I’ve been using the same one for more than 2 years in the summer (Vineyard Vines tote) that I love and is functional. Just ready for something new (and not too expensive).

Needing – To go shopping for the kids for some spring clothes. Luckily my youngest can wear his older brothers clothes from last year (maybe a few new things) but a whole new set for the oldest is necessary.

Clicking – On Gap’s website, and wanting to take advantage of the 30% off sale. Did you see the Mad Men collection on Banana Republic’s site – I die!


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